Monday, July 16, 2012


Since I seem to have a very long commute for the near future, I thought I would figure out how to blog on the phone. Don't expect a lot of pictures. And sorry for the typos: I don't see a spell check option.

So we've been Stateside for about 5 weeks. The first month was spent in a tiny studio in Sunset Beach. If you can't afford Newport (and we couldn't), Sunset is not a bad place to be.

I bought a really cheap car...which has become a more expensive car over the last few weeks, but it's running pretty well now.

I worked a little bit at a long term care pharmacy in the OC, and a couple of days at a very busy independant in LA. Long term care is kind of dull. Next door to said busy pharmacy was a kosher falafel restaurant. The things you won't see in New Zealand. Other independant pharmacy highlights: I counselled a star from a popular nineties sitcom...except I didn't know who he was until he had left and one of the other pharmacists pointed him out.

So now we're in San Francisco. The temp agency promised more work up here, and we almost have a free place to stay in Berkeley. The hospital is due to be torn down; the pharmacy is by far the smallest I've ever worked in, and some of the outpatient clinics look like something from a horror movie. But it's been a good experience. If nothing else, it has reminded me why I stopped working in hospitals...and to a lesser extent, why we moved to New Zealand.

A couple of more notes: BART has gone down hill in the last 5 years. I can't believe this many people are on the train at midnight.