Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Much to report.

1) My haiku has paid off. I am the brand new recipient of a Plantronics Freehand Headset. I have to lock this baby up at night. Why didn't I ask for a new car?

2) I beat T-Mobile. Aside from the fact that the phone never seemed to work anywhere that I happened to be, I had no real complaints against the company...until we tried to get out. I bought a couple of phones online from AT&T, and they ended up porting our numbers 6 days early. T-Mobile hit me with a $400 early termination fee. It only took 2 phone calls, much waiting, and no yelling to get these charges removed. Anyway, more proof that you should never buy a phone just because Catherine Zeta-Jones is hot. That link might not go to a real website. I'm afraid to click it at work. My apologies if it's porn, or something.

3) I'm now worth $50 million. That's right, I've adopted a beach. It's a nice little place in the numbered streets. If anybody would like to help clean it...

Friday, May 21, 2004

My first Haiku
by Michael B. Lasko (Can you believe I'm still not in the top 10 Google searches for Michael Lasko or Michael B. Lasko?

three naked wires
fear of electrocution
good work injury

So I've been waiting for a new headset for 3 months. In protest, I decided to write a haiku. You know, just like Jack.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Nothing on TV tonight, so I was watching Blind Date reruns. Best place to take a date? Brennan's Pub. That's right: Turtle races. How can you beat turtle racing? If you can't wait to get out to the pub, try clicking here. Turtle #3 is the money turtle. I've been studying his habits.

Monday, May 17, 2004

I feel like my best friend is moving away.

WEST NEWPORT -- The city's resident bad boy, Dennis Rodman, is trading his beachfront party pad — which sold Thursday for $3.8 million — as well as his wild reputation, for a more mild, family-oriented lifestyle.

Sorry again about the required login. The Times is free and worth every penny. But if you would like a synopsis: Rodman hasn't had a drink in 6 months and his house went for more than expected because Rodman lived there. People are nuts.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

One time, I was sailing a Shields....(may this never happen to me)

Fishing boat runs aground
Neighbors get an early wake-up call when a vessel crashes into rocks below their homes. No one was seriously hurt.

Sorry if you have to sign in to the LA Times website. It's free, but the picture tells the story.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Everybody and their mother.

Afternoon tea in Newport Beach. My nephew was there with his mother. My sister with her mother. My wife and her mother. My sister-in-law and her mother. My other sister-in-law and her mother. Lest I forget my brother-in-law and his mother. A few fathers here and there. Perhaps I've double counted a couple of mothers. I think the South Africans were troubled that tea was served at 2PM instead of the traditional 4PM.

On a technical note, I'm quite certain that I don't care for the new blogger format. Anybody have any suggestions?

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Has it been three weeks already? Time flys when you're...well I'm at work today, and time is not flying. Not much new, except that Nico has finally made it over the hill. That's right: the big four-oh. You read it here....on the internet. It must be true.

In sailing news: here are some pictures of the beginning sailing class I'm assisting. If you don't feel like looking through the 80 or so pictures, here's one of me (aboard a Boston Whaler) serving as rescue boat for a capsized Capri 14.2. (or is that Catalina 14.2?)

In other sailing news: Shields racing starts this Wednesday. So far, Wedensday night is a UCI only event as the South Shore Yacht Club is apparently going bankrupt. Please donate to the boat fund; when I've raised $90,000, I promise to buy a boat and join the South Shore Yacht club with any monies left over. (Providing they still exist).