Friday, April 28, 2006

It has been almost a year since my scathing review of Dr. Gregg Feinerman; if you don't feel like reading it, let me remind you that due to fear of legal action, I will not be writing that he may very well be the world's worst ophthalmologist.

But I digress...

So I saw yet another ophthalmologist yesterday, a Dr. Charles Aronberg. No website, that I can find, but if you click this link and scroll down the page, you'll see that he was mayor of Beverly Hills a couple of times during the 1970s. Might give you an idea of how old he is.

But I digress further...

The real point of this post is the timeline of my office visit:

11:05 AM Michael arrives for his 11:20 AM office visit (in Beverly Hills, quite a drive)
12:30 PM Led into exam room by an optometrist for brief (5 minute) eye exam.
1:20 PM Dr. Aronberg appears in said exam room, takes further history, checks eye pressure, dilates eyes.
1:30 PM Led back into waiting room by Dr. Aronberg, to wait for my eyes to dilate.
1:40 PM Went outside to move my car (Silly me, I had parked in a 2 hour space).
2:35 PM Told receptionist I had to leave for another appointment.
3:15 PM Stuck in traffic, missed next appointment.
7:15 PM Received call from Dr. Aronberg, wanting to know if he had offended me, or something.

Responses I should have given but did not:
1) Did you just notice I was missing?
or perhaps the softer:
2) How long ago did you notice I was missing?

Moral of the story: If you have less than half a day to spend at the doctor's office, you might want to find somebody other than Dr. Charles Aronberg, former mayor of Beverly Hills.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

This is the year I put a BCPS after my name. If you are curious, that stands for Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist. I need to take an exam in October...after that, I will be moving to Britain to run for Parliament. ($1 to the first person who can tell me why that's funny; please post your answer in the comments section).

So anyway, I spent the last several days in Monterey, at a review for this exam. The review was a bit like a year of pharmacy school condensed into 4 days. My head kind of hurts.

Mi amigo Winston and I stayed at Asilomar,which is sort of like going to summer camp...only with slightly better rooms. There were deer everywhere; deer just kind of stare at you when you're about to crash into them.

I brought the bicycle along, and rode 17 mile drive in both directions (clockwise is much easier). I did not bring the camera, but Winston took some pictures of the Lone Cypress with his cell phone. I would post one here, but evidently the Pebble Beach Company has trademarked this tree...and it's likeness. How do you trademark the likeness of a tree? I am almost certain that the Pebble Beach Company will never happen across my page, but you never know.

And finally, if I have not hit you up for money yet: How about making a small donation to the American Diabetes Association?