Friday, April 28, 2006

It has been almost a year since my scathing review of Dr. Gregg Feinerman; if you don't feel like reading it, let me remind you that due to fear of legal action, I will not be writing that he may very well be the world's worst ophthalmologist.

But I digress...

So I saw yet another ophthalmologist yesterday, a Dr. Charles Aronberg. No website, that I can find, but if you click this link and scroll down the page, you'll see that he was mayor of Beverly Hills a couple of times during the 1970s. Might give you an idea of how old he is.

But I digress further...

The real point of this post is the timeline of my office visit:

11:05 AM Michael arrives for his 11:20 AM office visit (in Beverly Hills, quite a drive)
12:30 PM Led into exam room by an optometrist for brief (5 minute) eye exam.
1:20 PM Dr. Aronberg appears in said exam room, takes further history, checks eye pressure, dilates eyes.
1:30 PM Led back into waiting room by Dr. Aronberg, to wait for my eyes to dilate.
1:40 PM Went outside to move my car (Silly me, I had parked in a 2 hour space).
2:35 PM Told receptionist I had to leave for another appointment.
3:15 PM Stuck in traffic, missed next appointment.
7:15 PM Received call from Dr. Aronberg, wanting to know if he had offended me, or something.

Responses I should have given but did not:
1) Did you just notice I was missing?
or perhaps the softer:
2) How long ago did you notice I was missing?

Moral of the story: If you have less than half a day to spend at the doctor's office, you might want to find somebody other than Dr. Charles Aronberg, former mayor of Beverly Hills.

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