Monday, February 24, 2014

Art Deco IV

Is this the coolest car ever? Yes, it's a Jaguar made of wood.

On to the important stuff: The official rules state that one cannot set up a gazebo for the Gatsby Picnic until Sunday morning at 6 AM. But those in the know get there sometime before 5 AM to claim the best spots. I woke up around 5, and was able to find a pretty respectable piece of real estate, and sure enough the cops came by around 5:40 and cautioned everyone about waiting to erect any structures for another 10 minutes. After going home to try sleeping for a couple of hours, I returned to find about a dozen gazebos blown away and destroyed by the wind. Fortunately, ours remained standing, but as the wind was continuing to build, I made the call to retreat to the more protected beach side of the treeline. My early morning was for naught.

It was still windy down by the beach, but we were able to picnic without too much damage. Nicole's work even got a mention in the local paper:

"One cheerful group had a sign "Drinks and Dollies" on their nifty nest..."

Now that's just all around poor reporting. We (mainly Nicole) built the Grauman's Chinese Theater, complete with hand/foot prints out front. Inside we were a silent movie (and everything was black and white, including the food). The wind prevented the screen and title cards from being displayed behind us, but otherwise the effect was pretty good. And all they notice is the sign (which is clearly a movie poster)? Did I mention there was free popcorn?

At the end of the day, we attempted to take an Art Deco Family portrait, but Jancie was not cooperating at all.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Weekend trip to Wellington for a baby naming

 Blogger keeps scrambling my hebrew text, so here are a couple of pictures (with English transliterations).

Sorry family, it did not appear to be the sort of synagogue that takes pictures of these sorts of things, so I have none. The next day there was a bat mitzvah, which we were invited to attend. It was not quite the American production I am used to, but there was a large (and somewhat exotic band), which allowed my old knees to show everyone that I can still kazatzka (again, sorry no pictures). The crowd was impressed, Jancie not so much.

And the day after that, we went to the zoo! This is  what Zooey looks like at the zoo.

Jancie appeared to have a much better time than her little sister. Her favourite animal is officially the giraffe. In case nobody else is keeping score, I called this one well over two years ago.

Jancie preferred the tiger statue to the real tiger.

And Shelly was trying to hook up with an African Spurred Tortoise (in the little pen behind Jancie), but apparently this particular species of tortoise does not like having its neck pulled. Note to Jancie: Shelly also does not like having her neck pulled.