Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rainy Day

My last post seems to have inspired a little home improvement fever in the Laskos. We have a conservatory (solarium to you Americans) that has leaked for as long as we have lived here. After several not inexpensive attempts at fixing the problem, we finally had the (glass) roof replaced...also not inexpensive. We had no leaks this winter, but the years of dripping water had stained most of the wood beams. So although the room was now leak free, it certainly did not look water tight. 

Since we are talking about a glass room, I was expecting a couple of hours of painting, at most. Two days later (and 1 trip to Resene and 3 trips to Mitre 10), we are finished. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before photo. Fortunately, you can find anything online, including remnants of a realtor's advertisement for our house. 

In other news, paint is unbelievably expensive. So are paintbrushes, rollers, and every other supply you might need. I have taken to recycling masking tape.