Saturday, May 24, 2014

Have you seen my garden, it is most peculiar. Have you seen my garden?

If anyone has been wondering why I haven't posted anything in a while, it is because I have been doing absolutely nothing except jungle taming for the last few months. I realize now that I neglected to take any before photos, which means that the after photos look less than impressive. This picture from March of my (then) just washed PT Cruiser is the best I can do to give you a frame of reference.

A walk around the house today looks like this:
 After pulling all the ivy (and other vines) off of the fence, we have been left with 1) an ugly chain link fence and 2) an ugly view of the neighbors'. I am confident that both will be gone by spring.
 That's a native flax in the centre, and to the right is an avocado tree I planted shortly after we moved in.
 I never realized how scary the house next door is until now.

 I discovered several rock walls during the most recent cleanup.

 In addition to the hundreds of hours of labour, I am out one rake, one pair of gloves, one hand saw (which I hope to recover while loading the below pictured pile for the dump), and one box of snail pellets. Note to French people: Do not eat the snails around our house for a while.