Thursday, April 13, 2006

This is the year I put a BCPS after my name. If you are curious, that stands for Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist. I need to take an exam in October...after that, I will be moving to Britain to run for Parliament. ($1 to the first person who can tell me why that's funny; please post your answer in the comments section).

So anyway, I spent the last several days in Monterey, at a review for this exam. The review was a bit like a year of pharmacy school condensed into 4 days. My head kind of hurts.

Mi amigo Winston and I stayed at Asilomar,which is sort of like going to summer camp...only with slightly better rooms. There were deer everywhere; deer just kind of stare at you when you're about to crash into them.

I brought the bicycle along, and rode 17 mile drive in both directions (clockwise is much easier). I did not bring the camera, but Winston took some pictures of the Lone Cypress with his cell phone. I would post one here, but evidently the Pebble Beach Company has trademarked this tree...and it's likeness. How do you trademark the likeness of a tree? I am almost certain that the Pebble Beach Company will never happen across my page, but you never know.

And finally, if I have not hit you up for money yet: How about making a small donation to the American Diabetes Association?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha... it's funny because you don't even play chess or ride a Connemara pony.

Wait, maybe you do play chess.

Or maybe you have ridden a Connemara pony.

Well, heck, I dunno, but if you give me the $1 I will give it back to the American Diabetes Association... sorry... Nico hit me up first...

Anonymous said...

Why don't you simply run for California State Assembly? - 32k -