Saturday, March 25, 2006

Stuck at work today...Here's me sailing last weekend. Well sort of sailing. More like reclining. This picture does not capture the heel of the sailboat very well, probably because the photographer is also heeled. I'm actually leaning on the mast at pretty close to a 45 degree angle.

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On a more somber note, both Red Fish II and Blue Fish are deceased. I was going to write, "My fish died"...leaving the reader to wonder which fish died...or did both fish die? But I thought that would be making light of this tragic situation. A coworker at the old building told me that the deaths were due to the high levels of clomiphene in the Costa Mesa water supply. I thought clomiphene would make them fertile, and give them strong fish bones, but I guess I was wrong.

In automobile news, the Cruiser received it's first dent a couple of weeks ago. I believe the dent may have occurred on my first day at work in Costa Mesa. Amongst the BMWs, Lexi, and Mercedes In Irvine, I had the crappiest car in the lot; no such luck here in Costa Mesa.

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So I called Vince at Dents No More. Paintless dent removal seemed like a hoax, but for $75, why not give it a try? There's no point in posting the after pictures, as dents are very difficult to photograph well...but that dent is gone.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is the reason they were the only fish in the building?

Sorry to hear about it.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. Love it. Sorry to hear about the fishies. At least they died fertile.