Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This is not Red Fish II, though it looks so much like Red Fish II, you will not know the difference.
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Nico bought me a pair of Bettas for Valentine's day (2005, I think I bought her a vacuum cleaner). Red Fish and Blue Fish...except I don't think their names are supposed to be capitalized. No matter. Red Fish (I) had a habit of jumping out of his bowl, and perhaps this contributed to his early demise. I recently replaced him with Red Fish II (not pictured above). The two fish are quite popular in my new department, as they are evidently the only fish in the building. Blue Fish did not appreciate all the visitors, and requested that I place a sign out front: "Kindly refrain from tapping on our home; we promise, we are not dead." Previously, I thought only 8 year olds tapped on fish bowls/aquariums. I guess I was wrong.

As an aside, naming fish is always a bad idea. You feel much worse when they die. Also, if they don't have names, you can replace them with identical looking fish, and after a couple of weeks you will forget that the new fish is not the original. I felt safe with Red Fish and Blue Fish, as the names were just descriptions...but it seemed wrong to give the new fish the same name...hence: Red Fish II.

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you take a picture of Red Fish DOS with your new camera? Hmm?