Saturday, July 24, 2004

Stuck at work today on a rather gloomy Saturday.  Sailing instruction proved a little difficult as the Good Lord did not feel like providing any wind for 2 weeks.  But I could not have been all bad, for they invited me back to teach Capri 2 (intermediate sailing).

So I have not been too busy today, giving me time to fire off this gem (sent to Parking Services at UCI):

Dear Sir or Madame,
Parking meter number 2 at the ARC only goes up to 45 minutes. On two occasions it has continued taking my quarters without providing me with any extra time (beyond the 45 minutes). I would guess that I have wasted $1 on this meter. Additionally, I have suffered much anguish wondering if I would be ticketed due to the meter's malfunction. If meter number 2 is not repaired immediately, I will begin boycotting this parking space.

Back to work.

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