Thursday, July 07, 2005

I suppose I can't just type that Gregg Feinerman, MD is the worst ophthalmologist in the world, as that could possibly be construed as libel. However, he is certainly the worst ophthalmologist I've ever met; nay, Gregg Feinerman, MD is the worst physician I've ever met.

So I've had an eyeache/headache for over a month, most certainly the result of this here computer monitor and the evil, overhead fluorescent lights. I've seen my optometrist, who made me computer glasses. I've never seen clearer up to about 3 feet, but no eyeache/headache resolution. I saw the regular doctor, who eventually sent me across the hall to Gregg Feinerman, the worst ophthalmologist I've ever met. There I was given a prescription for Tobradex because my eyes looked red. For you non-pharmacists reading this blog, Tobradex is a combination antibiotic/steroid eye drop. Why would anybody prescribe a combination antibiotic/steroid? When your doctor is too lazy to figure out why your eyes are red, Tobradex will still fix the problem. After 2 more visits to said ophthalmologist, I was told my eyes are fine, and there's no reason I should be having these eyeaches/headaches.

Perhaps I should have visited Gregg Feinerman's website before now. Apparently he's a LASIK surgeon, and eye problems/diseases must be beyond his area of expertise.

In other news, it looks like I'll soon be working for United Health. I hope they do something about the lighting in here.

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