Sunday, December 11, 2005

Welcome to the Real OC, Bitch!

I went to pick up my Dodgers Seats yesterday. I've been looking to buy a couple for several years; the Dodgers finally cooperated by replacing all their seats this off season. I am now the proud owner of M 7 and M 8. They are quite authentic, with real gum and everything.
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As we were already in LA, we decided to take a tour of the Real OC. Sorry I didn't bring the camera. Here's a picture of the Redondo Beach Pier:
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It's a really weird shaped pier. Rebecca's father died there, and I think Ryan punched somebody. We had breakfast at the Redondo Beach Coffee Shop, and sat at Ryan and Seth's table. Seth and Ryan just call the place "the Coffee Shop". Calling it the Redondo Beach Coffee Shop might be a little absurd, no? The Bait Shop was closed.

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