Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Nico and I spent Martin Luther King Day tandeming from Seal Beach to the Santa Fe Dam via the San Gabriel River Bike Path. We had planned on bicycling all the way to Monrovia, but made a wrong turn at the dam and ended up at an airport for model airplanes (NO BICYCLES ALLOWED). We were a little tired after 35 miles and decided to head home.

Thing I observed on the bike path:
1) There are a lot of people living under bridges along the San Gabriel River.
2) Peddling down hill is much easier than peddling up hill.
3) Taco Bell is better than you would think after 55 miles of bicycling.

Top things overheard during the ride:
1) Shut up and pedal.
2) Your job is to pedal.
3) Why aren't you pedaling?


Anonymous said...

Those overheard things aren't entirely accurate. And my but hurts. Now I know what all that whining about chafing was about.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I can't spell butt properly today. It still hurts.