Friday, February 10, 2006

After nearly 9 months of chronic daily headaches, I am going back to my old job...which just so happens to be in the same company. Here's the email that went around today (written either by my boss, or a secretary):

Michael has decided to transfer back to customer service, where he initially joined Prescription Solutions as a consulting pharmacist. During the past year with Formulary Development, Michael has been instrumental in developing our Part D formularies, performing Part D analyses, and participating in many P&T meetings. Although he was a relatively new member to our team, he jumped in with both feet and performed well. Aside from being a clinically strong pharmacist, Michael could probably beat all of us in Trivial Pursuit. His knowledge base is vast and wide.

Michael's last day will be Thursday, February 23. Please join me in wishing Michael much success and happiness in his new/old position.

So, in my very first ever web poll, I would like to know what my five loyal readers think of think of this farewell greeting.

What do you think of my obituary?
They must really love you over there!
Hey, that's like 7 sentences; what more could you ask for?
That's all you accomplished in the last year?
Sounds like they're happy to be rid of you.
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