Monday, November 13, 2006

Sorry for the long absence. I am in the midst of training a dozen pharmacists (minus 1 who is at home, about to deliver triplets). Unfortunately, I am left with little time for blogging at work...and blogging at home feels too much like work.

I should be back to the normal schedule at the end of the month, when the training is done. Until then, here is my Amazon wish list:

My Wish List

I would also like a large bottle of Chopin. Message to Amazon: You cannot call yourself a complete retailer if you don't sell vodka. All my favorite stores sell vodka. Does Beverages and More have wish lists?


Anonymous said...


Where else can I get my Tandem/Sailing/Pharma fix?

Anonymous said...

And btw... I'm thankful you don't have this on your wishlist: