Saturday, December 23, 2006

You know you are going to be served a good martini when your hostess has color coded lemon and lime juicers.

I was going to title this entry: "Trying to taste the difference between a lemon and a lime..." and follow with a picture of the lemon and lime reversed. The picture (not shown) was ICE's idea, but I decided it was more cute than funny. This blog will continue to be all about funny...and hard hitting social commentary. No Cute. Never any Cute.

Well how about some miscellaneous party pictures?

Whenever we have people over, everybody seems to congregate in the kitchen. I spilled so many martinis, that I really shouldn't complain. (Hey Thingnamer, 5 points if you can tell me what the two items in the lower right corner are.)

#1 question overheard during cocktail hour: "Why is Jessica eating bread?" The answer is something like: too many people enabling her drinking problem. That's half of Julie in the picture...she turned out to be a fantastic maker of cosmopolitans.

My pictures all seem a little foggy, I wonder if I shrunk them down too much. Let's finish off with Bill, Jane, and a menorah. Happy end of Hanukkah, everybody. Bill's lovely wife Karen was even better than Julie at avoiding my camera.


Anonymous said...

I was not drunk I was sick. And not drunk sick, I was flu-sick. Bread sounded good at the moment and thus I asked for bread.

Anonymous said...

Is that a Foreman Grill!? I can't be sure, since I thought the grills had lids and the lines run front to back.
I'm guessing the other thing is the Nesco American Harvest FD-1010 Gardenmaster... or perhaps the Snackmaster Express... (both of which are food dehydrators)

Or it could be a toilet seat lid.

FWIW we have some el-cheapo holiday gifts for you, but have misplaced your address... if you ever actually entrusted us with it.

Michael Lasko said...

Wrong and Wrong. You are looking at a fondue set (possibly with a name like: "Super Space Age Fondue for the Masses" but I don't pay attention to stuff like that) and a raclette grill.

Address? I'm kind of afraid to post that here. Who knows who might show up at the next Cocktail Hour? You could Zaba me, and find my last 10 places of residence...or you could consult the idiotic California Board of Pharmacy.

We have a gift for you as well, but shipping is too difficult...please don't be mad if we drink it.

Anonymous said...

Sarah tells me that any Kirschwasser will be returned to sender.

Michael Lasko said...

Sarah never needs to worry about me drinking any of her Kirschwasser....unless it's the kind that takes 20 pounds of cherries to make one bottle.