Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Things you can do when you're not allowed to do anything you like to do.

1) Take pictures of things you like to do:

I believe this is day 2 of the First Team Invitational Regatta, as viewed from the Newport Beach Pier. I almost took a good picture. Now that I have such perfect vision, I have been thinking of buying a better camera. When I was at UCI, the guy I shared and office with (AKA: the Laziest Man in the World) bought a Leica M...I'm not sure how a resident (making 30K a year) affords a $5,000 camera; he actually ended up returning the thing and using the money to pay for LASIK...go figure.

2) Photograph some wildlife: Here is the last photo I took with the old eyes. It's from the new tram at the Wild Animal Park. I am not sure if the new tram is better or worse than the old certainly gets you closer to the animals (as evidenced by these giraffes that I could practically reach out and touch), but the elevation is so low, the view is frequently obstructed by fences, hills, and shrubs.

3) Go sailing on a fake boat. Screw you Dr. Brenner. (FYI: That "screw you" was clearly in jest. I have only nice things to say about Dr. Brenner. If you would like to read about ophthalmologists that I dislike, try clicking this link...and maybe this link). Here's me steering the Columbia. In my new Nautica jacket, I look quite the sailor.

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