Friday, July 13, 2007

I got plants, brother.

(Original title of this post was: "I got fish, brother", but the video of my new Dwarf Gouramies was rather underexposed. Also, some of you get attached to my fish, then they die, and you get upset.

Plants are a little harder to kill. Here are some of my current patio selections:

In sailing news, here's me (and crew) at the Balboa Yacht Club with my very first real sailing trophy. I have won plenty of races (well maybe not plenty, but at least some), but the trophies have always been things like ALYC lunchboxes...or trophies recycled from previous races. (I know what you're thinking: "This trophy is just a cup..." You are wrong. It is a beer stein...for drinking lager [I won the lager series]. I would also have an ale stein, had I shown up last month for my trophy (for the ale series).

Finally, I have one more picture...of some hot chick ironing my shirt. She was a demon hot chick ironing my shirt, but as usual I have done my best to un-redden her eyes.

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