Thursday, October 04, 2007

35 in the new 25 (II).

That is so not true. Middle age sucks. Hmmmn, my post from a year ago was much funnier than today's. Am I suffering from a decline in mental acuity? Actually, I'm planning on living to 90, so maybe I am not quite middle aged yet....

Speaking of funny, my year-long efforts at a joke have been thwarted. Last January, I told the guy who was keeping track of such things that my birthday was on December 25th. (Hey, Jesus wasn't born on December 25th either, so what could be more christ-like than celebrating my birthday on Christmas?) Unfortunately, I only made it through 4 hours of work before someone leaked my secret. I do not understand how you women can keep track of my birthday. Do you have some secret computer program that reminds you of these things?

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Tana said...

I see from last year's entry that at least *I* have been consistent in not actually wishing you a happy birthday. This is my gift -- you have something to look forward to for next year, because I still plan on wishing you a happy birthday someday (although I do not guarantee that that day will be 10/4/2008). I do have a question for you: is it considered a compliment if I mention that your birthday is in fact written on my calendar, or is it more of an insult since you now know that it's written there and I still didn't wish you a happy birthday?