Monday, December 10, 2007

Winter Storm 2008

If you have ever lived anywhere with real weather, you probably wonder how a little rain can make so much news in Sunny California.

Rain began pelting parts of Southern California early today as a fierce winter storm from the Pacific Northwest moved in ahead of schedule, triggering fears that recent wildfires may have left the region susceptible to flash flooding.

With a forecast like that, I felt confident telling my boss I would run the Irvine half marathon with him...just as long as it was not raining. Sadly, there was no rain on Saturday morning, and before I was fully awake, I found myself running a half marathon. For anyone who has been considering running a half marathon: If you are not in shape, a half marathon is not a whole lot easier than running a whole marathon.

I slowed the boss down a little, but we still turned in pretty respectable times.

Next up: Los Angeles (eh?), or the District of Colombia. Do I dare try two in the same month?


Josh said...

BIB#? Does that say BIB#? haha. Even on your off days, you are haunted by that pesky palindrome, huh?

Is Skinner that good, or did you let him win in light of the fact that it's review time?

Michael Lasko said...

Seeing as how he's not a regular reader, I feel confident that I can safely write: "Skinner turned in the slowest half marathon I have already seen. I practically carried him for the last 5 miles".

Unknown said...

Palindromes are eras emo rdnilap.

...And they don't have to make much sense, either.