Saturday, August 16, 2008

Things I did on vacation that did not involve bicycling

1) Sat in my very favorite Vietnamese pharmacist's massage chair. He is too poor to afford a full time masseuse, but not too poor to buy a $30,000 massage chair. Incidentally, I found the chair to be quite uncomfortable, if not excruciating at times...maybe I should see a spine surgeon. In my hand is a book by Richard North Patterson; it was not very good, but he wrote the Lasko Tangent, so occasionally I feel obligated to buy his books.

2) Ate some crumpets...and, my God, we're drinking Seattle.

3) Watched as several waiters challenged my very favorite Vietnamese pharmacist to eating contests (eg. "There's no way you can eat a 28 inch pizza...")

4) Rented the world's smallest sailboat. You're probably thinking there are smaller sailboats...there might be shorter sailboats, but there are no sailboats with smaller cockpits/lower least not that you would try to fit two adults in.

5) Paddled around Lake Steilacoom in Nico's friends' divorce boat. The first picture is with the professional kayaker in the boat, the second is without. As they say, "Wherever your relationship is going, you'll get there faster on (in) a tandem". Nico's friends: I'd give you a link, but the security on your site is too tight.

6) Bummed rides off the locals. Here's me sitting next to Rebecca, fleet captain of the Orcas Island Yacht Club aboard her Merit 25...and a shot of her husband Vaughn on the deck...with some other island off in the distance.

I guess I should write about the bicycling some time.


Anonymous said...

I do not know anything about security. Maybe you're looking in the wrong spot...

Anonymous said...

Note the almost hidden link in the above comment... maybe I do know something about security. Nah, I don't.

Anonymous said...

Divorce Boat... hee hee. That pizza looks delicious!