Friday, October 17, 2008

Dolphins to the left, dolphins to the right...

(Alternative title was: "I'd have a really cool picture of me surfing with dolphins, had Nicole not stolen my camera.")

We've had a week of negative tides here in the OC. [A negative tide is a somewhat rare occurrence that causes "sea level" to be below sea level.] During a very low negative tide, you walk about 3 quarters of the way to the end of the pier without getting your feet wet...and probably to the end without getting very deep.

On Tuesday, I took the opportunity to run a few miles on the hard packed (usually underwater) sand. I was treated to a pod of 8 or 10 dolphins frolicking around in the waves; Yesterday, I was surprised to see that a couple of them were still around. They were far more interested in catching fish than paying attention to spectators on surfboards.

*All photos are historical stock.

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