Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am told I am going to be dragged to a vampire movie in a couple of, not a cool vampire movie like the 3+ hour version of Salem's Lot...more like some remake of Interview with the Vampire for the 'tween set.

So anyway, I was going to create a T-Shirt to voice my displeasure, but to those unacquainted with me (which I sure hope is everyone in the theater), it may appear that I actually like books/movies that were made for teeny boppers (but for some unknown reason are read/viewed by the middle aged...)

If anyone has any other suggestions, the best entry can have my ticket.


Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

I'm sorry to inform you that you don't have a ticket... the show is sold out. The person buying them didn't believe me when I said you wanted to come. (For the record, I didn't believe you either.)

However, if you really, really want to go, I'm sure I can get someone to buy my ticket, and I'll go with you to another showing instead of with people who actually want to see it. Or a certain sister might give up hers for you, so let me know.

Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

T Shirt idea:

Werewolves Bite