Monday, October 05, 2009

Notes from coffee connoisseur:

Starbucks Via is not any worse than regular Starbucks.

In other news: I've finally broken down and signed up for United Giving. Surprisingly, there's a choice of over 9,000 charities to choose from. On that note, please join me in helping to build a new home for the Galapagos Tortoises at the San Diego Zoo. In the event that my donation is not large enough to help with this million dollar project, I have designated the funds to be spent on cucumbers for the graceful Lady #5.


Anonymous said...

Yikes!!! When are you and Nicole planning to leave CA for good? We'll have to get together before hand, at least for a goodbye sail!

Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

I'm going to miss #5. I miss her already. Can we go visit 1 more time?