Saturday, November 28, 2009

Scene of the Crime

In case any law enforcement types are reading my blog, this post (like most of what you will read on is pure fiction.

When I found out it was going to cost over $5000 (NZ) to take our fish with us, I began to frantically search for a new home for Mr. Suckerfish, our 13 inch plecostomus (during my search, I found out that he is in fact, not a plecostomus, but a Pterygoplichthys). I tried donating him to aquariums, zoos, people who work at zoos who say things like: "I'd love a 13 inch fish". Eventually, I came across the Sepulveda Wildlife Basin. Evidently, people starting liberating their plecos in this lake 20 or 30 years ago, and there's now a reproducing colony of them.

I knew he'd be safe when I saw the "No Fishing" sign. Also, the 4 other giant plecos sunning themselves on that ramp was a good indicator.

Although getting him into the 1 gallon transporter involved more splashing than I ever hope to see a fish do again, he was not in a hurry to leave it when given the opportunity.

Eventually (with a little coaxing), he swam off into the deep. You were a good fish, Mr. Suckerfish. We hope to see you again sometime. Enjoy your new home.

PS: Anybody need 3 clown loaches?

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