Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Marathon #7

Alternative Title: I just bought a house...[There's more to the quote about it being Huey Newton's house, but I can't really remember how that goes, so we'll go with title #1.]

I pulled a muscle in my calf a couple of weeks ago; as I had already paid for the Hawke's Bay Marathon, I decided to run it anyway. I was in pain for the entire race, but still managed a pretty respectable 3:53. I had 3:45 in my sight, but the water stations were spaced too far apart, and I ended up quite dehydrated toward the end. I've said it before: this was my last marathon.

In other news, our offer for the most beautiful house in the world was accepted today. [Buying a house in NZ is a bit strange; it is currently under contract to another party who must sell their home first...said purchasers now have 3 days to remove the contingency if they still want to buy this house; they have indicated that they cannot do this, so I feel pretty comfortable calling the home ours.] This is the third home we have attempted to buy, and definitely my favourite of the three. [Nicole seems a little iffy on whether she liked #2 better...] It was one of the first homes we looked at after moving here...back in March or April, and I've been comparing all others to it. To those of you who have contributed to a Lasko NZ Time Share: Sorry, there is no ocean view. However, there is a pretty fancy guest unit complete with a kitchenette. Also, it's less than a 15 minute walk (downhill) to town, sailing, and the beach.

Here are a few pictures if you're bored:

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