Tuesday, January 15, 2019

I know I always start posts off about how or why I'm not posting very often. Mostly it's the monotony of living on an Island where there are only like 5 things to do. How frequently does anyone want to read about a trip to the beach? But it being whale season and all, I thought the occasion might be blog worthy. Filming whales from a stand up paddle board is more than a little difficult. I should probably purchases a Go Pro, which I could mount on my head or the board, or something, but all I've got is an aging waterproof Sony. Now, whales are quite a bit bigger when viewed from a stand up paddle board, a fact I never seem to remember until I get too close to a whale and suddenly start worrying about being eaten or accidentally crushed. And that's when I dropped the camera and decided I'd be safer on the other side of mi amigo Joe.

Here are a couple more videos. One has a fluke and the other shows that Joe knows how to stand up on a paddle board, as apparently there is some concern that people in Wisconsin or Minnesota might think he can't...though I doubt anyone in Wisconsin or Minnesota is reading my blog.

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