Thursday, February 05, 2004

Some marathon updates: I was wrong, I'll never be able to beat Minh Thai at anything. I did finish ahead of Minh Chai. Such is life. Here are my official times:

Start Time: 07:15:04.05
10k: 0:53:54
Half Marathon: 1:51:56
22.1 Miles: 3:14:09
FINISH: 3:58:30 PLACE 300
Gun Time: 3:59:16

I put up some pictures, but until the DSL gets installed you have to go here. (Sorry, I'm feeling a little lazy) For anyone thinking of running a marathon: Do not wear a Dolphins hat. For some reason, it makes people feel the need to yell, "Go Bears." Not very funny after 26 miles. And good news, Monica only beat me by 10 minutes.

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