Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hard drive crash!

Sadly, I never felt the need to back anything up. The good news is: Michael Lasko is multi-talented. (I need to type Michael Lasko a lot to ensure that I remain a top 10 Google search). For a mere $70, I replaced my own hard drive. The computer repair place, OC Computers (no joke, although they were called Irvine Computers until very recently) wanted close to $400...that did include an attempt at data recovery. My data was not worth $300. But is no more. If you've been a long time reader, you may remember my brilliant idea to host my own web page. This worked out well, except it required leaving the computer on/hard drive spinning 24/7. Anyway, since I still own the domain, I guess I'll forward it here. Unfortunately, most of my blog pictures were on that hard drive. If I can find copies, I will (slowly) put them back up.

In other OC news, tonight is the big Chrismukkah episode. I heard the yarmuklaus was sold out before the season started. In addition to work today, I've been reading about OC pop-culture references in USA Today. (Click on the annotated guide on the right for each episode). Something else I learned in USA Today: marketers have intentionally left the t out of Chrismukkah, so as not to offend us Jews.

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