Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Arrested Development Drinking Game
by Michael Lasko

I'm sure there's one out there already, but I sure couldn't find it. Feel free to post any additional rules in the comments section.

Take a drink for:

1) Any bleeping (presumably covering obscenities)
2) Any reference to incest (2 drinks if not involving Maeby and George Michael)
3) Gob has sex
4) Michael has sex (4 drinks)
5) Reference to Henry Winkler being gay (I can't remember his character's name)
6) Any Fonzie reference (2 drinks)...let's make that any Happy Days reference
7) You hear the term: "Nevernude"
8) Someone other than George Michael working in Banana Stand
9) Banana stand gets damaged or destroyed (2 drinks)
10)George Sr. tries to escape from jail; 2 drinks if he's successful
11)Clip of George Sr. infomercial; 2 drinks if it's in another language
12)Gob messes up a magic trick
13)Buster gives a massage
14)Annyong says: "Annyong"
15)Lindsay asks anyone for money
16)Narrator (Ron Howard) points out some misunderstanding between family members
17)Ron Howard narrates a flashback to a previous episode; 2 drinks for everyone that misses the flashback
18)Reference to the OC (I know it's coming)
19)Any Real footage of Newport Beach

My game is probably a little long. Please let me know what you think.

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