Sunday, March 06, 2005

To my 3 or 4 loyal readers: Please accept my most sincere apologies for my recent lack of blogging. To everybody else that was searching for Henry Winkler's sexual preference: As far as I know, Henry Winkler is not gay. I could be wrong, I really have no idea. But while you're here: enjoy the Arrested Development Drinking Game. Double episode tonight means double drinking.

On to other business. I have been extremely busy. I bought this new car, and it attracts dirt. I just washed it this morning. Have a look: For all you PT Cruiser aficionados out there: Engine is still stock, customizations to date are: Wet Okole seat covers (front only), Yakima removable roof rack (on), Yakima Sidewinder Tandem rack (off), 4 chrome valve stem covers (2 were replaced yesterday; crazy college kids: they were $2 at Pep Boys. Buy your own).

And most of you have probably not seen the new tandem bicycle yet. It's a Santana Noventa. Here's a picture in my new Ultimate Pro Stand, with a bunch of other bikes from out collection in the background:
We sprung for the stowaway model. Would you believe this baby comes apart? Here's me in the bike store learning the process. We have a hundred of these pictures, most of them featuring Leif (sp?) our salesman from Bud's Bikes. If anybody would like to learn more about the process, send me an email, and I'll tell you all I know.

Here's an aerial view of the suitcase it fits in...pretty amazing if you ask me:

Finally, I've had complaints that there are not enough pictures of Nico here. Here she is, along with my 2 licit sisters (if I knew what I was doing, I'd put in a random hyperlink generator, that would direct you to either of their blogs...randomly. But I don't know how to do that. Click on the link to the right if you'd like to visit either site>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>):

Oh, and I started a new job. A new salaried job. And I have to do some work now. Salaried work. Yes, it is Sunday night; and yes, I do hate being salaried.

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