Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Does anybody else think Diedrich Coffee is much better than Starbucks? In addition to better coffee, Diedrich has free wi-fi. What could be better than free wireless internet access? So I decided to by some Diedrich stock (DDRX). Evidently, the company has been mismanaged, so the stock is very cheap. They just appointed a new CEO: Stephen Coffey. Can't think of a better man to turn around a struggling coffee chain.

In other news, I decided to clear the garage of some excess bicycles. Zebra bike and the old tandem are both gone.
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I shall miss them both. Interestingly, either the ebay listing, or my add in the recycler triggered this email scam. It is so complicated, I am not even sure how I'm being scammed. Or maybe it's just early:

I am a sports and leasure equipments dealer from London with clients all over U K. I have offices in most U K Cities. I have a client who's interested in your product and pleased to let you know that we are O.K with your price.

I have a shipping agent that handles all my shipments in the U.S, the shipping agent will pick up product from whatever location and have it shipped to my office.

Inrespect of payment i have a client in the USA who is owing me $5,500.00 All i need to do to make payment easier and faster is to instruct him to procure a cashier's check in your name and mail it to you. But i would want to know if i can trust you to send the remainder of the funds to my shipper via Western Union Money Transfer as soon as the check get cashed so that my shipper will make arrangement for the pick up at your location.

Should you be interested in this transaction, kindly mail me the name to purchase your check, the address you wish to receive it and your contact phone number(s), so I can forward it to my client who will purchase the check for the payment.
Thank you.
Richard Winston.


Anonymous said...

I would do something about this spam, but I don't seem to get any other comments...

omouse said...

You can turn on the Yahoo Spamguard. It killed my spam right away... but yes, it is nice to get comments.

Unknown said...

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