Monday, May 21, 2007

Gripe of the day...

(Alternate title was: "The ferry came"...but I couldn't decide on the spelling of ferry.)

It now costs $1 to ride the Balboa Island Ferry. If you want to take your bicycle on board, that will run you an extra 25 cents. If you have a tandem bicycle, those sneaky ferry operators will do their best to charge you for two bicycles.

Did I mention this thing only goes 300 feet? (Maybe that's 300 yards?) Either way, for $2.50, I think I'll build my own boat and paddle across. Nico, you with me?


Unknown said...

Hey... on a different topic. Did Catalina Island ever stop burning?

Michael Lasko said...

It's been so cloudy the last couple of weeks, we can't even see the island. There's no more smoke blowing our way, so I'll assume they put the fire out.

In case you were wondering, the fire was apparently caused by the recent crackdown on illegal immigrants.