Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Speaking of Beercans, I'm breaking in some new crew for summer racing. It seems everybody I know has been invited to race on much larger boats. Hey, 30 feet is more than long enough.

So I scoured my old (beginning sailing) class lists and came up with Sevin and Devrim. They both scored very low on the irritating scale and high on the sailing potential scale. Who could be better to sail with, and isn't that Mickey Mantle's number? They are both computer people, so maybe they have blogs somewhere.

I probably have room for one more person, if anybody else wants to race. Prerequisites: 1)You must be non-irritating.
2)You must have at least a little sailing experience.
Job duties: 1) Alert me to anything I am about to crash into.
2)Immediately after the start of every race, turn to the captain and say: "That was a great start, Michael".


Josh said...

Damn. I got all excited until I got to the prerequisites and job duties. I'm usually pretty unannoying, but I have absolutely no sailing experience. However, I have sailed the seas of cheese a few times. Does that count ? I would be willing to alert you before crashing into things, but for the life of me, I can't agree to calling you Michael. Does Nicole even call you Michael ?

My only requirement would be that if we have to conceal the consumption of alcohol - we have to conceal the consumption of alcohol.

Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

You folks who call him Lasko are weird. If I called him Lasko, would I be referring to myself or him?

Michael Lasko said...

Yeah, I think my parents call me by my Christian name also.