Monday, August 20, 2007

35 is the new 25.

Maybe it's my new sunglasses. (Have any of you noticed that my equipment get's a little better with each marathon)?

Or maybe it's the new disc brake I put on the tandem...

Either way, I can get the bike up to 35 MPH without feeling it at all (downhill, of course...I still feel 35 on flats).


Unknown said...

C'mon man. It's all about momentum. You gotta pack a few pounds on like I did. At 215 lbs once you get going past 25 mph 35 is only a couple cranks away. Wind resistance is futile.

Michael Lasko said...

Hiya Tate,

Does the cable for your disc run under the down tube? Ours is set up along the top tube; I think we have a cheap mechanic who just used the cable from the old rear brake.

Unknown said...

Top tube? Whoa. Ours is routed along the bottom. It has pluses and minuses (minuses being that if we ever scrape the bottom of the bike or the crank housing we'll spew fluid everywhere. Brake fluid, that is.)