Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Disclaimer: I would like to start off this post by writing that I am in no way an advocate of date rape...unless we're talking about the Sublime song.

I get a lot of junk email from the University of California, at Irvine. Maybe junk is not the correct term. Let's just say I get a lot of email from the University, that I really do not need to read, such as: firings of department heads I have never heard of, receptions ocurring at 10 AM (that nobody with a real job could possibly attend), and updates on ongoing legal problems at the Med Center.

Rarely, (we are talking about Irvine) these emails include warnings about recent crimes reported on campus. Even in Irvine, I suppose it would be good to know that you should use caution when walking to your car at night. However, I am nearly 100% confident that I will never, ever meet anyone at a party, invite him (or I guess preferably, her) back to my place of residence, thereby placing myself at risk for sexual assault. I'm just saying.

On August 25, 2007, at about 3 AM, a sexual assault was reported to
have occurred in an apartment in Vista Del Campo Building 624. The 21
year old suspect and the victim, both UCI students, had met earlier at
a party hosted by a mutual friend.

UC Irvine Police Officers responded to the area of the assault after
being called by the victim. The victim was interviewed and treated at
a local hospital. A search of the Vista Del Campo housing complex was
successful, resulting in the arrest of the suspect. The suspect was
transported to the UC Irvine Police Station for investigation and
booking procedures. He was later transported to Orange County Main
Jail and held on three felony sexual assault charges.

The suspect was released from Orange County Jail over the weekend
after posting bail. The incident is being reviewed by the Orange
County District Attorney's Office and locally by the UC Irvine Dean of
Students' Office. The sexual assault incident is an individual
event, and there is no known direct or additional threat to the UC
Irvine community.

This timely warning notice is being distributed to inform the UCI
community about a serious incident on campus and increase public

Paul Henisey
Chief of Police

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