Thursday, September 06, 2007


I have been suffering from achilles tendonitis since before the San Diego Marathon. Well, maybe suffering is not the correct's really more of an irritating discomfort I have been living with. But anyway, I have developed this irrational fear that my left achilles tendon is about to break. When an achilles tendon ruptures, the feeling is usually described as a sensation of being kicked in the back of the calf. Although I had been waiting patiently for this to happen to me since the SF Marathon, I was still quite surprised when a phantom kick knocked me down during yesterday morning's walk. "Nico will kill me if I can't bicycle in Italy," thought I.

Off I limped to the doctor, who assured me that my achilles tendons are still nice and tight. Bicycling in Tuscany is still allowed, though he recommended I get travel insurance...presumably to pay for the expensive Italian orthopedic surgeon I might have to see.

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