Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I am certain I will be getting in trouble over this...

I have been told that the key to effective management is to have absolutely no sense of humor; the risk of making any sort of joke is that some (or most) of your coworkers (anyone know a word for people you are, sort of, temporarily supervising?) will take everything you say seriously...most likely because they either 1) have no ability to recognize a jest, or 2) are accustomed to very stoic bosses.

P.S. Coworkers (and management): before you get offended by anything I have just written, I was not attempting to insult anyone's lack of a funny bone. The above post was meant as an explanation to the Mrs. about why I will likely never be running a large (or even small) company.
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My standard spiel starts off with telling them that most drugs are no longer manufactured in the US. I explain that the facilities, manufacturing process, and drugs are all FDA approved/inspected. If they are still concerned (which is everybody who bothered to call in the first place), I let them know that we do keep track of all the lot numbers that go through are pharmacy, so we’ll be able to alert them to any problems that might arise.
After that, my choices are:
1) Recommend they contact their congressman (or FDA) to complain
2) Imply that they are racist
3) Explain the many benefits of Indian produced drugs (such as lower risk of mad cow disease).
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What do you tell pts who have issues with the manuf Aurobindo which is based in India?
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Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

For the same reason, I will not be a principal anytime ever. No explanation required.

Michael Lasko said...

You just need better press. Unless somebody else can come up with a better tagline, you should use: "Nicole, bossy but good".

Unknown said...

I know this is totally off topic... but you have to blog about this:

I would've paid good money to have you and Nicole ride 'em through Tuscany. I imagine those six inch tires would just eat up the miles.

Michael Lasko said...

Hey, we're slow enough as it is. Also, there's only 1 seat; Nico would have an excuse for not pedaling. Also, also: unexpectedly sold out due to popularity? That is unexpected.