Sunday, November 25, 2007

The One With the Dancing Turkey

Alternate title was: "I told you not to stop the sleigh"

Nico made these Cornish game hens this year instead of turkey. So I get to thinking, what could be better than filming a Cornish game hen for my very first stop motion animation movie? You know, in the spirit of other holiday films such as A Pack of Gifts, Now. Unfortunately, if my digital camera is capable of shooting stop motion animation, I would have to read the manual to figure it out. Fortunately, I have the next best thing...if you are reading this at work, why not turn the volume up really loud?

In other Thanksgiving news, both of my parents made it over to join us for Cornish game hens. Here's my father (I believe making his first Takealotofdrugs appearance) at the Newport Back Bay.

I shot this picture on time delay (with a 6 inch tall tripod stationed on our fondue pot).

And finally, my dancing Cornish game hen right before I ate him. I know, I have become more of a failed vegetarian (rather than the struggling vegetarian that I tell people I am), but it is impossible to get Nicole to make a Tofurkey.

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Sarah said...

We had tofurkey for Thanksgiving (well, I did; Tate opted for actual turkey). We have done Thanksgiving several times over the past ten years with a family that does not eat flesh, dairy, or anything cooked over 120 degrees. Last time they hosted it was mock tuna (made of seaweed and cashews). This time it was Tofurkey for the observant, and turkey slices from the Whole Foods hot bar for the meatatarians. I had the 'furkey just so I could say I had, even though it came in a disturbing little rounded loaf.