Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tate, I cannot afford your usual and customary fee, but if you help me come up with a name for our new computer system, I will split the $250 prize with you. I would like a name that says: "This pharmacy computer system was not designed in 1981".

Win $$$ in our
"Name the Project" Contest
Announcing the RxExpress Replacement Project
Submit your ideas at the link below

The time has come! RxExpress ~ the software used today to support Mail Service Operations, Customer Service, Order and Inventory Management and Accounts Receivable for multiple mail service locations ~ is being replaced with a state-of-the-art system that will enhance users' day to day capabilities and be instrumental in supporting the rapid growth we expect to see in the future.

This project ensures Prescription Solutions is ready for our next level of growth within the PBM and Mail Service Operations and will give many of you who currently use RxExpress a more powerful tool to more easily perform your job functions.

All approvals for the launch have been secured and it's a "GO." But there is still one missing piece.

This crucial project doesn't have a name, and we need your help! Based on what we have told you about the new software enrichment, please send us your idea(s). Use your imagination to create a descriptive name and if your idea is chosen, you could win up to $250.

To submit your idea for a name, simply click on the link below to enter the naming contest. (If you create an acronym, please remember to spell it out.) In the subject line, please be sure to write "Name the Project". (Email submissions that do not include the words Name the Project will not be entered in the contest.) The contest will end November 30th.


Unknown said...

I love the fact that it says "Win $$$"

One wonders if they were trying to be literal why they didn't say "Win $$$.$$"

As for the name - they gave you crap to work with. Enhancing users' day to day capabilities? Every new product does that.

You could do what every other cop-out marketing firm does and slap a "2.0" after the name.

If you really want to win try playing with concepts like:
RxPress (it's like the old one only faster!)

I'd play with the word "express" to see if there was a logical next step (is there something that's quicker than an express train?)

And I'd probably submit a large number of wiseass stuff like PBMTube, My Electronic Replacement, HAL, and RIFTY (Reduction In Force, Thank You... though I'd find another definition of course)

But what you should really be asking is why the heck the thing needs a name at all. Basically they're paying people an average of a couple pennies to spend hours thinking about a piece of software that will make them do their jobs faster and reduce the need for new hires.

And they're saving $25K by not hiring me.

Unknown said...

Can I book my $125 in revenue? You can make the check out to Stokefire, Inc.

Michael Lasko said...

You think I'm going to win with RxExpress 2.0?

Hey, stop bashing the Brand Institute. (The $15 they paid me yesterday has nothing to do with this comment).