Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Las Vegas observations:

1) If you give a cocktail waitress a $25 tip the first time she comes by to offer free drinks, she will come back very often, that you can easily collect a 12 pack of beer on your ledge at the craps table. (Note to wife: I did not tip the cocktail waitress $25, and I did not drink a 12 pack of beer while playing craps. In fact, giving a cocktail waitress $25 so that you can start a warm beer collection seems very, very silly to me.)

2) The Dude has it right. From now on, I'm drinking only White Russians...and, I would like for everyone to call me the Big Laskowski. (FYI, my great grandfather's last name was shortened at Ellis Island from Laskowitz [or possibly Laskovitz--the paperwork is a little smudged], not Laskowski).

3) I can make about $10/hr playing low limit poker...unfortunately, I cannot take advantage of free alcoholic beverages while playing low limit poker, or my earning potential drops off considerably.

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