Thursday, March 06, 2008

Things you will not see anywhere else on the web...

(Or as my old boss at UCIMC might say: "I defy you to find the French Laundry wine list anywhere else on the internet.")

So here it is: The French Laundry wine list...current as of March 5, 2008. Actually, I really don't have the bandwidth to do this; can anybody out there lend me some storage space?

In other French Laundry news: In a previous post, I mistakenly listed 9:00 AM (or 8:30 AM) as the the time to start calling for reservations. 10:00 AM is actually the correct time. Calling at 9:59 AM is a waste of time, as you will only get a recording telling you to call back at 10:00 AM. (Calling at 10:00 AM [or after 10:00 AM] is also a waste of time, as you will only get a busy signal).

Also in that previous post, I implied that the cost of dinner is $240 + tax and tip. A charge for food service is included in the $240...I would assume that you are expected to give an additional tip on wine, etc.

Also, also in that previous post, I listed coffee and doughnuts as an additional expense; coffee and doughnuts are included in the $240 dinner charge (you must request them when you order if they are not on the menu).

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