Saturday, July 19, 2008

Two Jews walk into a bar

(Alternative title was: "Christ, that's good beer")

If you're into large quantities of wine, the LA Wine Fest is the place to be. I can't remember much about the wine, other than that there was a lot of it. There were a couple decent wineries from the Ventura area, and we met some interesting Jeremy here...from the Wine Fest to sell some of his country's liquid wares. (Please take note of my purple teeth.)

Both titles (above) were stolen from the Schmaltz Brewing Company. I would feel bad about stealing their slogans, except they stole the name of their beer (He'Brew) from a Joan River's joke (which goes something like: "You're so goy you think Hebrew is a macho beer"). But I digress, here's me with a bottle of He'Brew. Hey, my teeth are still purple.

I would write something about the tequila and vodka tasting, but things are hazy by then. I have a couple of brochures for what I think are my new favorite tequilas: Dos Manos Añejo and Don Camilo Reposado.

Dinner at comme Ça after the Wine Fest. We took the bus down Melrose, as driving immediately after sampling 60 wines is probably a bad idea. The tarte flambe compared poorly to the several we had in France...Here's Nico at the bus stop, looking way too happy. Why are her teeth so white?

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