Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now that I'm management...

Every time I start a new sailing class, I am always surprised at how difficult it seems to be for my students to stay near my flags. Take a look at picture #3 below to see how easy it is to spot one of these flags. They are bright orange; they say UCI on them; and compared to the height of the boats, they are pretty damn big. A lot of thought goes into placing these flags in the water, and if they stay near them the class goes really well. (Sailing 90 degrees off the wind is easy; anyone can do it immediately after getting in a boat for the first time. All other directions are more difficult [or impossible].)

Last week, I made everyone practice going around the flags on the dock. Not sure why neither flag is visible in this picture, but they performed this task flawlessly.

And the "dry" practice seemed to help with the actual sailing.

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