Thursday, April 16, 2009


Most people do not have the will/desire to carry around a 4 pound camera on a bicycle trip.

The thirty+ tandem teams from our recent trip to New Zealand were invited to upload a dozen photos each (or was it two dozen?) to make a collective photo album. A local artist was then given the task of selecting the best photos (and cropping/finishing them) for inclusion in said album. I have not counted, but I believe 20 of my photos made the final cut.

In case that first link did not work, here's a link to the Santana Website.


shamir said...

These are some amazing shots! Did you submit your trolly car pics? Some of those were fantastic.

Michael Lasko said...

I don't think I bothered submitting any of my street car photos, as I figured they were only of interest to me. You have inspired me to put together a streetcar slideshow...