Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In my sort of haunted house...

I used to own some really cool tapes. Surprisingly, the hardest thing to throw away was the remnants of a drip irrigation system.

We used to have, like 5 plants on the back patio. I was never very good at watering them, so I decided to install said drip irrigation system; you know, save water, give everyone a drip of water an hour and never think about it again; this must have been spring 2008. I never did get the thing to work very well; I could never find the middle ground between gushing water and completely off. After tinkering with it for several months, I gave up around the time our complex was renovated, and removed it.

Finding the box and a bunch of poorly coiled tubing in the garage this morning made me kind of sad. Maybe I'm just longing for the time when I used to have free time on my hands (to waste on things like installing a drip irrigation system). Never thought I'd live here forever, but I never thought time could pass by so quickly.

PS: Cassette tapes: I'll miss you too.

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Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

How said is it that this is making me cry?