Saturday, May 15, 2010

Even my nephews would like New Zealand

Alternative Title: A sausage sizzle is exactly what you think it is

After a 2 month + hiatus (while I nursed a variety of injuries), I began running again this morning. I only made it about 4k, but I made several discoveries during the run.

1) A beach house we looked at last month that we thought was way, way out of our price range is actually almost affordable.

2) There's an old cemetery a block from our (current) house.

3) It is most certainly autumn. (There's a path hidden under all the leaves.)

4) That train sounding whistle I kept hearing every other Sunday was in fact, a train.

5) The Lions Club showed up for train day with the most extravagant sausage sizzle I have yet seen.

PS Nico: Your link has been returned on a provisional basis.


Unknown said...

One fractional Laskoshare purchased, hopefully for the almost-affordable-beach-house, not the one-block-from-an-old-cemetery-house.

Michael Lasko said...

Does this mean you're coming to visit?

Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

Our dream house is across the street from a historic cemetary... luckily, I love cemetaries.