Friday, May 28, 2010


Alternative Title: Goodbye to new friends

I suppose if I had seen the classic Kiwi Movie "Once Were Warriors" (or read the book), I would recognize Roosters as a classic Kiwi bar. But I haven't, so I'll just call it the most townie of all townie bars I've ever been in. We've been trying to stop by once a week, to get a feel for the real New Zealand, and are hopefully not gentrifying the place too much.

Nico and I are a bit of an oddity in New Zealand, in that we've moved here with the intent to stay forever. Such is not the case with out friends Aoife and Conor, who are just about to return to Ireland. Farewell pints last night at Roosters; goodbye Conor and Aoife, it was nice to have met you.

And an early morning wakeup to catch the bus that my coworker Sarah had chartered. Nothing better to do in the rain than ride around in a bus and taste wine.

Here's our very large party at Triangle Red. Either I was starving, or they make the best pizza in Hawke's Bay.

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