Saturday, June 19, 2010

Freshman Fifteen

Really more like the freshman five, but I've still managed to pack on more weight in New Zealand than I should be carrying. As I would never make a very good dieter, I began marathon training last week. This morning (in the rain), I ran up Te Mata Peak--30 minutes from our place to the entrance, and another 20 minutes to the top...down was a wee bit faster. The view from the top was not stellar today.

The Hawke's Bay Marathon is on September 4th. The start is walkable from our house. You are all invited to run with me.

Aside: New Zealand foods that are making me fat include
1) Fish and Chips (The best of which are found at Village Fish and Chips in Havelock North)
2) Chicken and Chips (Mmmmmn Hot Chick)
3) Pie!!! (These are like pot pies in the US, only generally smaller...bakeries sell them, and you can eat them with your hands.)
4) Probably something Nico is cooking.

In other news: I am now a fully registered New Zealand pharmacist.

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